Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cold case called love ...

  They say true love comes only once in your lifetime ... well , let me to disagree on that one . It was about time to share what I feel and think about this "love"  thingy' and what can be more suitable then after experiencing the disappointment  :P . So , shall we start ?!
   In my opinion , all the adolescent "love" meeting experience is actually starting to learn , see , feel and live next to someone that u are attracted to , projecting that perfect person you created in your head from all the cheesy movies u seen with prince and princesses , all those romances , love novels ( where the good always wins  ) , in someone u get attached to , in real life . Well , my dears ... sorry for breaking that up , that ain't true love because 1st of all at that young age u barely know yourself that good , u barely have built your own personality , your own needs , tastes , expectations , opinions ... yourself . At that period u always try to be someone else but yourself , because u don't know yourself enough and u become like that person , star , famous person , popular kid , everyone else except you , who u really are .
    I started to see who I really was after I felt good in my shoes , I stopped being like "a copy" of someone , when I knew my flaws and my ups and accepted the way I was , learned to love myself and tried to fix the things that would help me in the future be a better person. All this comes after u meet THAT SPECIAL ONE the one u can really call your 1st love , that person who "taught" u to love yourself the way u are and got at the surface the best of you . The person who saw all this good in you from the beginning and accepted your flaws. His/her love for you was the key from his/her eyes , that's the way u learn , when u two are one . After having a relationship like that because in some cases it's not forever or with a " happily ever after " song  , you go in life with other eyes , u see love with other eyes , u see yourself . In my case it didn't ended with a "happily ever after" but it sure thought me so many things and that person will always have a place in my heart because I owe him for the way I am now , for all the amazing small things that I experienced and most of all for still being after all a good friend . 
    There aren't any failure relationships there are just methods from life teaching u how to survive , coexist  better in this world . I consider that past relationship one of the lifes few blissfull gifts . And if u are in the same case as I was , finding that first love but in the end didn't worked out , make sure u don't low the standards that your ex raised as a boyfriend or as a girlfriend when u'll think that u have or that u found someone special , don't rush into finding that other new one ( like I almost did )  . If your ex did lot of good in your life , helping you love and discover yourself   , u shoudn't settle for less , u should be wise and picky  . Never settle for less ! Someone close told me once something very wise : " See how life is ...? People come and go in your scenery/landscape so it's not worth it to put a price on something which anyway has no value . " ( A. T ) ; I totally agree with that in the case when someone takes you for granted or doesn't appreciate you . 
  You are worth it and u will find that special someone with who u'll have that happily ever after  ^_^ .

                                                                                                   Sweet framboise kisses , 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Life at it's best and it's worst ...

  It's been almost 2 years and half from my last post . And like in every one's life , seasons passed , governments changed , people changed as in grew up , some of them got lost , some just went into a better world , some stepped out from your life when others made their way in . In the end what is still there is you . 
   We all live in crowded places , big cities among many people , we are in a group , a gang , a fraternity or a sorority  but in the end we find out that we're all separate . Since we know all we ever did was trying to fit in somewhere , to hold a great label . Everything we do and everything we eat has a label that means also us , people , have labels . Labels tell us what we need to know, but most of the time they are a small part of the whole story/picture . We grow up among this things , this half truths , this red carpet kinda' life , brand clothes , fast cars , private jets , exotic vacations , expensive champagne bottles , all the glitz and glam until at some point when u just get slapped by life it self . A slap that says " Wake up , snap out of it ! " and then all that glitz and glam suddenly turned into something that ain't anymore that good or great or even fabulous ... it's just something . Something that made a mark on them , on " how to not be " . Even though at that time it seemed more as an "how to be" , now it's not . 
     In that moment u realize that u grew up :) . After that u start enjoying and loving more all the small things , u choose the people around u more wisely ( not like before a whole army of them just to make u feel important ) . Like in saying  " The quantity of friends that you possess does not matter, it is the quality of the friends you do have that truly matters " .  At that point u realize that u are yourself , u like it and then u can be truly called as a happy person . A person who loves themselves and others for what they truly are , who learned to love and enjoy life , nature at it's best . Then u can face the world with different eyes because now you are someone , u are unique , you're not anymore one of them , a plastic figure among others . 
      You found yourself :) ! 

P.S : I know it's different this post from all the other ones but I hope u'll take it and like it the way it is ;)


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Everything started with a photo ...

    I have not posted for a while , my bad ;)) . My excuse was my final exam at Masters in H.R ( btw,  I ended with honors with the maximum grade ,  10 :D  ) . Also many things gathered afterwards to resolve and take care of ...   that was pretty much my blog break .
    That being said , I'll start with my new discovery in fashion !  
    My daily bible are the fashion magazines, fashion websites and FTV . In one of the sites I saw a picture of Katy Perry dressed with a " Smurfette Dress " at  " The Smurfs " movie premiere .
    Several brands have come in my head that could create that dress and after I researched a bit I found its creators : The Blonds !!! I found many pictures of their creations and I am truly highly impressed .  Many of their creations are worn by strong names of the music , fashion and film industry and beyond  , true stars . Love their creations !!! Can't wait for one of their creation to find its place in my dressing  !!!
     Some of them :

     Katie Perry


    Fergie & B.E.P

    Britney S.

    Christina Aguilera

    Kylie Minogue

        Lady Gaga


      Keisha , Kim Kardashian , Lil' Kim , Keri Hilson


      Sarah Jessica Parker and " Sex and the City "

      Nicole Scherzinger

      Miley  Cyrus

     Sharon Stone

      Paris Hilton

      Nicky Minaj

                The creators ... <3